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Are you feeling restricted in your home? Family tripping over each other? Struggling to find a quiet space for yourself?

Extending homes in Warwick, Toowoomba & surrounding regions, we can help you complete your small or major House Extension project.

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you love where you live but...

We often hear clients talk about loving the home they are in due to the great location, proximity to local shopping and schools.

Sometimes these needs outgrow your home – that’s when a home extension may be the right choice.

Add a new room or three, create a new living zone, add an outdoor area, retreat with a games room and much more.

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Working with Hughes means you have one-on-one time with your builder – always!

It’s important that you to feel comfortable to approach us at any time during your design & build journey.

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Extending your home with hughes Feels like

From Chaos to Dream Home, They Made Our Renovation Journey a Joy!

My husband and I purchased a property in July 2022. It was an older home where we had planned to renovate, changing the entire layout and extending the exhausting home. We were also due to have our first child in November. We knew with all the delays and challenges in the construction industry at the time it was almost impossible but we wanted to get the house fully renovated before the baby was due.

Given the size of the job we had a few considerations when picking our builder.
Given my husband works in the construction industry it was important to him to find trades that were knowledgeable and trust worthy.

And given I was half way through my first pregnancy and we were planning on living in the house while it was getting renovated, it was really important to me that we found a team that were going to be considerate and great with communication.

Not only did mark and the Hughes Elite team work a lot of overtime to get our house completed within the time frame but they also accommodated for us living in the house and were so considerate of our circumstances. Mark was also great to bounce ideas off and was able to help with design elements. He was always accessible made the entire renovation process enjoyable.

I would highly recommend anyone looking at either building a new home or renovation to give the Hughes elite team a call!

Rainee Croft - Toowoomba, Queensland

extend it your way

types of house extensions

single storey

increase the footprint of your home with a single or multi-room addition. Single storey house extensions are perfect for a growing family.

types of house extensions

split level extensions

Building on a sloped block can be expensive. Split level extensions allow us to use sub floor systems supported on pier footings, following the fall of your land and saving significantly on concrete and earthworks.

types of house extensions

multi storey extensions

Build your home up or under. We can increase the floor area without encroaching on your land. The possibilities are endless when you double your floor area.

types of house extensions

knockdown & rebuilds

Completely knockdown and rebuild your home into something custom and just for you. We keep some character aspects of your home or completely rebuild a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do House Extensions Take?

    Like all things, it depends on the size of your House Extension, council applications & permits, building approvals and specific engineering needs that may arise. A Typical House Extension that Hughes Elite offers will range from 16 to 20 weeks from start to finish.

  • How much does a House Extension Cost?

    The cost of a House Extension is based on the state of the existing home, the size of the extension (individual rooms, multiple rooms, single storey or multi storey). Mark will do some property research prior to his first appointment on site and put together an initial budget cost that considers the local area valuations, design features, state of the existing home, products and materials.

  • Can I build a House Extension on my home?

    Generally most homes are suitable for extending. When you book a call for your first meeting with Hughes, we will investigate your property and confirm that there are no issues with council, overlays, underground pipes or services etc We will also have a look at local property values to help you understand the future benefit or set a limit to avoid over capitalising.

    Yes, it’s definitely possible to build a house extension on your home! Most homes in the Southern Downs & Darling Downs regions can be extended. Before getting lost in the council rules and regulations, give the team at Hughes a call, we will meet with you on site and investigate your property before confirming whether or not there are any issues with council regulations, overlays, underground pipes or services and more.

    Our team will also assess local property values to help you understand future benefits of investing in an extension and also discuss budget limitations to avoid overcapitalising on your home.

  • Are House Extensions Worth It?

    If you have a home in a good location, your house is in a decent condition for us to work with, it will generally be a good investment. If your home is in a great location, a well planned house extension will return great results. If the location isn’t as desirable to potential future buyers then the benefits of a home extension are more likely to be personal. Hughes Elite will spend the time to assess the value and benefits of extending your home at the initial consult. We use comparable house sales, property valuations in the area and other data to help ensure you are getting quality advice.

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