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Custom Designs

Not ok with Ordinary? Hughes gets you. . . Have a chat with Mark and we can walk through your needs, discuss your location and create a new home design that considers you, the unique aspects of your land, your needs and your lifestyle.

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new homes

You’re not just a number at Hughes. We work with a handful of clients each year to keep the quality and standards high. We give your New Home our full attention to make certain no details are overlooked.

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house renovations

Revive your home and discover that new home feeling again. Our friendly team are experienced in modernising and completely overhauling homes of any age, size and style.

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house extensions

Struggling to find your place in the home? Double your floor area and extend your home. Hughes Elite can build it up, out or under. It’s the right choice when you have out grown your home.

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roof restorations

Don’t wait for the next storm to expose the true age of your roof. We can reseal, paint and replace your tiled or steel roof.

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always available when you need us

don't compete for time with your builder

Working with Hughes means you have one-on-one time with your builder – always!

It’s important that you to feel comfortable to approach us at any time during your design & build journey.

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Front Entry to a modern colonial home in Killarney Hills, Qld. Build materials are mostly timber and linear board and colours are neutral with darker timber decking and an extra wide door to create contrast between the textures and surfaces.