A New Home built with accessibility in mind and planned for future retirement. The front verandah connected to the blockwork so that there is no staired or ramped entry - it's all one level. The front of the home is finished with linear board with a traditional white post / picket finish.

Molly's Place

A Modern Colonial Cottage Comes to Life

Project Goals

Captivating Views and a Home Fit for Retirement

Welcome to Molly’s Place, a stunning modern colonial cottage built in Killarney Hills, Queensland.

This custom-designed home was created with Carolyn and Mark’s unique needs and desires in mind, resulting in a beautiful and functional space that they can enjoy for years to come. From the stunning views of Killarney Hills to the accessibility features that make the home easy to navigate in the later years of retirement, Molly’s Place is a true masterpiece.

Project Highlights

Project Summary

The Perfect Retirement Home at Molly's Place

Hughes Elite Builders successfully brought Carolyn and Mark’s dream home to life, creating a modern colonial cottage that perfectly fits their style and living needs. The home is designed to capture the breath taking views of Killarney Hills from multiple zones, including the living area, outdoor deck, and ensuite bathroom. Mark and the Hughes Elite team was able to deliver on Carolyn and Mark’s strict budget, creating a space that is comfortable, affordable and completely custom designed. The clients were thrilled with the finished product, and Carolyn can now relax in the bath while taking in the stunning views of her slice of the valley.

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